Pratyush Shankar is a practicing architect and an academic. He is an Adjunct Professor of architecture at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, and a visiting professor at TU Darmstadt, Germany.

He has been an avid sketcher since his days as a student of architecture, trekking frequently through the Himalayas and exploring the various cities in its valleys. For Pratyush, sketching has always been a tool to broaden the boundaries of thought. Even with his busy schedule today, shuffling between teaching, public lectures and practice, he consistently dedicates time to sketching. Over the years, he has dabbled in various media on his travels across India and Nepal. In the recent years, however, his preferred medium is pen and ink on paper, sometimes in combination with coloured alcohol markers.

He has authored the book Himalayan Cities (Niyogi Books, 2014), where the drawings and photographs collected over the years are used as a strongly persuasive tool to complement the narrative on landscapes. He is currently working his next book titled “History of Urban Form in India” for Oxford University Press.

Sketches by Pratyush is curated by his team as a repository of his sketches, made religiously over a stretch of 25 years.  This endeavour is undertaken chiefly to make a compelling  case for the invaluable process of drawing by hand.

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